Carmel Goldental is a designer of accessories and bags,

based in Paris, France.

Currently studying in the master program of Accessories Design at

IFM- Institut Français de la Mode.

Graduated from the Jewelry and Fashion Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where she majored in jewelry design; she was also an exchange student at ​the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, in Tokyo, Japan. However, her real interest and passion were always in bags.

My artistic research explores the tension which exists in an object, between the public and the private; between functionality and appearance. ​

Form, structure, material, and the way the bag is positioned on the body; every element of the bag carries meaning and implies a facet of some kind upon the individual wearing it; a role or function in society, social class, or gender.

Finding these elements, signs and signifiers, very intriguing; symbols of power, hierarchy and patriarchy trickle down into our culture and fashion. Motivated by the idea that design has the power to challenge the rigid roles in our society and culture, in my designs I combine the language of luxury aesthetics with the language of utility and functionality in order to spot a light on the concept of the ‘feminine’ handbag in our everyday life and to explore it from its personal through its public and political context as a reflection of changing realities and gender roles and as an object that can define and mark territory around the body while it serves as a private and liberated space that you carry with you. 

In 2018, my work was exhibited in 'Summer Seeds' a group exhibition that was held at the Gate 3 Gallery (curated by Smadar Schindler, Boaz Noy and Poli Blum).

Coming up in 2022, my work will be featured in a group exhibition (curated by Prof. Vered Kaminski and Prof. Einat Leader) to be held in Die Neue Sammlung – Pinakothek der Moderne that will present selected works of students from the Bezalel Academy in the field of contemporary jewelry.

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